What is Orchestra Gallery;

The Orchestra project implemented a comprehensive platform for the synthesis, reproduction and sharing of interactive experiences (scenarios) in the field of culture. As an interactive experience we define a scenario for interactive storytelling that utilizes innovative technologies and multimedia content. The Orchestra Gallery is the online marketplace, where the creators of interactive experiences, which mainly belong to the fields of culture and education, can get in touch with their audience: those who have the right space and equipment!

What equipment is needed to use the interactive experiences I will find at the Orchestra Gallery?

All experiences to run require at least the provision of the Orchestra Appliance, a small computing device running the platform software. Learn more
In addition to every experience you will find, there is a description with the minimum equipment requirements. An interactive surface and an audio system are usually required.
Do not forget to see the Interactive Wall that we have developed and we can provide you. You can see the Interactive Wall and other compatible equipment here.

What is the right place for me to reproduce interactive experiences that I will buy?

A space is required where your equipment can be installed and has all the conditions for your public to visit and use it. Generally requires a quiet place, without exposure to sunlight and with a good internet connection (it may be required by some interactive experiences).

The platform and all its software were implemented in the framework of the RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE Action and were co-financed by the European Union and national resources through the OP. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK) (project code: T1EDK-02095)