What is the process for reproducing the interactive experiences sold at the Orchestra Gallery?

You need to follow these basic steps:
⦁ Buy an Orchestra Appliance here
⦁ Choose and buy an interactive script here
⦁ Optionally buy additional equipment from here
⦁ Install them at your place based on the instructions you will receive with your purchases
⦁ Enjoy the content prepared for you and your audience by our partners!

Who creates the experiences available through the Orchestra Gallery?

The main creators of experiences are carriers of culture or education. They usually have similar content to the relevant copyright. Of course other independent groups or creators (eg schools, museum educators) can design and distribute their own programs running on the Orchestra platform. Imagine interactive experiences as educational programs or interactive presentations.

Can my player also create interactive experiences?

If your organization wants to create relevant experiences they should have access to the Orchestra Storyteller which is the environment for creating interactive scripts, get an Orchestra Appliance to be able to play and test the script they have created, and publish it in Orchestra Gallery. For all this you will be required to start with a registration on our platform and we will contact you to guide you.

How can one use Orchestra suite?

All institutions and spaces of culture, and in particular Museums, Libraries and Galleries, can take advantage of the Orchestra platform in many ways. They can create their own original interactive experiences with the content they have and exploit them commercially or show to their visitors experiences of other relevant partners.
Educational institutions such as schools, universities and other vocational institutions can take advantage of the platform to create their own interactive presentations or reproduce presentations of others. For example, a school can display material created by some students.
Artists and creators of cultural content in general can embed the platform in their works or in their spaces to add a technological and interactive dimension to them.

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